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Get Ready ~ Illuminate Your New Year!

As this year comes to a close, it is a good time to pause and reflect upon what worked and what didn't. It is a great time to set aside a few hours to look at each area of your life and determine if you need to forward a goal that you did not complete or let go of it.

Sometimes goals need more time to achieve than we thought they would; other times, we realize we really did not actually wish to achieve that goal, for whatever reason. If this is the case, let it go! Cross it off your list and Free yourself from it. Don't drag it into next year like one of the chains of Marley's ghost in Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.

Be Free to Start Fresh. It's new year; begin anew and the best time to plot that course for success is now. Sometime during this month, get your simple spiral notebook journal and give yourself a few hours to half a day to examine major areas of your life:

  • Physical (Health-Body)

  • Physical (Money)

  • Professional Goals

  • Personal Dreams

  • Travel Intentions

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and allow a golden light to enter your imagination. Let it illuminate your mind and your vision for the coming year. Imagine your body healthy and strong. What one thing could you do better for yourself this year? Less alcohol? Less red meat? More dancing? More Laughter? More walking? More vegetables? Let your body speak to you in this illuminated state. Just choose one thing, and do that this coming year. Small successes lead to feeling better give you the power for and more successes.

Now look at your financial picture; bathe it in golden light. Tune in to the higher wisdom. What is your most sincere desire? To be able to give more to charity? Be financially free? Eliminate debt? Buy a home? Save more for retirement? Allow that golden light to connect your heart to a financial goal. Which one is correct to work toward this coming year? Let Higher Wisdom guide you, then work in a slow and steady manner toward bringing that goal to fruition. Are you happy in your professional life? Are your needs being met? Are you able to achieve a sense of meaning and purpose in your work life? Do you have work-life balance? Are you growing professionally? Is it time to get more education or complete that PhD you always thought you would have by now? Is it time to change jobs or careers? Let the golden light flow into your mind and lead you into a thought experiment. How would you feel if you went back to school? How would you feel if you changed careers or started your own business? Follow the path in your thought experiment take it all the way to the end of the road and examine the outcome and your feelings. Let the illumination guide you and if you are happy in your professional life, express your Gratitude. If you are not happy, let the light lead you into the steps you need to take to bring you into a more meaningful professional experience What are your Personal Dreams? Write that book? Or get the one in your drawer published? Meet the love of your life? Sing on the stage? Have a baby? Get the car you always wanted? Go Skydiving, Hot air ballooning? Learn to SCUBA dive? Take another breath. Let your inner child come out to play in the golden light. Let your inner child dance and play in the magnificent light of imagination and for a while let yourself be free to explore your dreams. Play. Play, Play! Listen to the laughter of your inner child and let it guide you to the activities you will add to your life in the coming year. Now continue your Dream, imagine where you will travel in the light. Let it open new vistas, see yourself traveling far and wide. Go to Egypt; see the pyramids, to Costa Rica, Hawaii, Greece, or see all the remarkable wonders here in America! Search your secret dreams to explore the planet Earth. You came here as a visitor, what do you want to see? Allow yourself to explore and then choose and make a plan find a way and do it! Let the illumination of your mind become the illumination of your life. Go forth into the new year 2022 with new hope and excitement to Live Fully!


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