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Why does a snake shed its skin?

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

A snake sheds its skin because it must. Without doing so, it cannot grow nor can it rid itself of parasites, both of which are likely to lead to death.

A caterpillar goes through metamorphosis escaping its chrysalis as a lavish and beautiful butterfly; if it does not it will die.

Humans constantly exfoliate our skin almost imperceptibly as our bodies change and grow.

The snake and the butterfly are each examples of dramatic desquamation or transformation. Consider now that you may need a more dramatic shedding and releasing of that which is limiting your growth, holding you back, or even preventing you from living fully or ultimately killing you.

So what is it?

  • The Poison of Resentment?

  • An old story about yourself?

  • Unforgiveness of yourself or someone else?

  • A pattern or habit that really Needs to be interrupted?

  • A deep festering emotional wound?

  • Being stuck in the La Brea Tar pit of life?

The end of the year, is a good time to examine your life and consider what you need to release, let go, transform or transmute, for your own well-being.

You know what it is.

It's the thing that haunts your sleep. The voice in the back of your mind. The movie in your mind that plays on repeat endlessly. The thing that triggers you, every time.

Do not drag these corpses into your new year.

Once you identify it, you can release it. Take a moment...breathe...

Imagine all the painful feelings in your heart and negative thoughts in your mind moving outward to the surface of your body. Imagine them seeping up and oozing out to form a thick ugly crust over your entire body. As it becomes dry and hard, notice how stiff and difficult it is for you to move. Realize that this, in truth is the reason you have been limited.

Now it is time to make a decision. (Literally "to cut off").

You can choose to remain encrusted in your own past unable to move forward, or you can choose to cut open the hardened shell, the old, skin, or chrysalis; slough off the old you, the past, the old story.

Then you can emerge fresh, new and brightly colored, ready to begin again.

You can decide to choose to write a new story, create a new personal definition, or life purpose description. Then be that person in the new year.

Give yourself permission to Live-Fully Alive and Free.

Shed your skin.

If you need further support in your personal growth journey, I am here. Just call me to schedule your confidential in-depth clarity session. 858-531-7653. Kali Korogy


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