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Go ahead, Call Kali for a Free Telephone Session, 858-531-7653;  You'll feel better.

2020-11-02 17:35:26  on Yelp
"Hi Kali, thank you so much for being a wonderful teacher. I am most thankful for you helping me with the anxiety of driving on the road which I originally needed help with, but not only did you help me achieved that you also helped me with my life in general. I was able to use everything you have taught me on how to cope with day to day stress from my work, to my family, and how I see myself. Before I found you online I was always burnt out and drained at the end of the day. Now I actually have energy to spend time with my kids. Thank you with all my heart!"

"Kali really cares about her clients. I was going through a rough patch in life and

she really helped me to see things in a new light."   Amy V.*   October 26, 2013 - Posted on Thumbtack  

"Kali has me on a new path guided by love and caring that I never dreamed I could achieve. She is a true professional and has amazed me with her remarkable talent to understand my problems and help to clear a new path for my mind. Thank you, Kali."  Dan B.  Posted on Yelp 8/28/2015

"The first session was amazing; she showed compassion and listened to me. Kali gave me some really good tools and knowledge for removing the blocks in my life. I am so grateful for my sessions with Kali I have my confidence back again and I love it! I can honestly say this is the happiest I have been in my entire life."     February 2013 - Shelly*

"Thank you, Kali Korogy for your guidance, understanding, professionalism, patience & expertise. I look forward to journeying side by side with you to achieve my other personal goals as well as the unexpected ones. Like I said earlier & I'll say it again, I feel blessed our paths crossed during this transitional time of my life.
Thank you!"  Monica*                     * names changed for confidentiality

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