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Just give Kali a try,You'll Feel So Much Better858-531-7653

"...She is not afraid to challenge my way of thinking about my problems and she encourages me to look at them in a different way. She is able to take my issues and turn them on their heads and show me that there are infinitely many ways to fix it and she helps, guides me down a a path I feel most comfortable with."  R.S. September 12, 2020

"Kali really cares about her clients. I was going through a rough patch in life and

she really helped me to see things in a new light."   Amy V.*   October 26, 2013 - Posted on Thumbtack  

"Kali has me on a new path guided by love and caring that I never dreamed I could achieve. She is a true professional and has amazed me with her remarkable talent to understand my problems and help to clear a new path for my mind. Thank you, Kali."  Dan B.  Posted on Yelp 8/28/2015

"It has been a true blessing finding Kali. I have worked with several counselors over the past few years, and Kali stands alone....Never have I felt so heard or understood as when speaking with other counselor that I have worked with was able to grasp what I was trying to put into words the way she has....She has a gentle, confident approach to helping me face issues from a different angle....

She does it all with warmth that makes my soul feel taken care of. I am so grateful for Kali!"  A.P. August 26, 2020

"The first session was amazing; she showed compassion and listened to me. Kali gave me some really good tools and knowledge for removing the blocks in my life. I am so grateful for my sessions with Kali I have my confidence back again and I love it! I can honestly say this is the happiest I have been in my entire life."     February 2013 - Shelly*

"Thank you, Kali Korogy for your guidance, understanding, professionalism, patience & expertise. I look forward to journeying side by side with you to achieve my other personal goals as well as the unexpected ones. Like I said earlier & I'll say it again, I feel blessed our paths crossed during this transitional time of my life.
Thank you!"  Monica*                     * names changed for confidentiality

2020-11-02 17:35:26  on Yelp
"Hi Kali, thank you so much for being a wonderful teacher. I am most thankful for you helping me with the anxiety of driving on the road which I originally needed help with, but not only did you help me achieved that you also helped me with my life in general. I was able to use everything you have taught me on how to cope with day to day stress from my work, to my family, and how I see myself. Before I found you online I was always burnt out and drained at the end of the day. Now I actually have energy to spend time with my kids. Thank you with all my heart!"

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